linc 2020Study tour 9
The deepest abyss in the world and its countryside surroundings

Organization: LAG Hranicko

This study tour presents many interesting places in the Hranice region which is situated in the eastern tip of the Olomouc region. In the past the old Amber path went through this region in the so called Moravian Gate, connecting northern and middle Moravia. Therefore, the region is very important road and railway traffic hub. It also lies on the watershed for Baltic and Black sea. In this study tour you will visit typical villages with their landmarks, community life and also local farmers, whose products you can taste. Then you will stand on the edge of the deepest flooded abyss in the world, which is situated in the spa area of the Hranice karst. Lunch time you will spend in a modern restaurant in the town of Hranice, which is connected to modern small theatre and sports area and the whole complex is in the private hands. The city of Hranice is the center of the LAG’s region and has 18 000 inhabitants.
Attention, this study tour requires earlier departure from hotel and a little longer travel by bus. However, the program is worth it!


You can look forward to:

  • Tasting regional products and great lunch
  • A walk to the deepest flooded abyss in the world
  • Traditional village with interesting history
  • Thematic workshop

Departure from hotel: 7:30 a. m.
Arrival to hotel: 5:45 p. m.