LINC2020Study tour 4
Regional food products and education

Organization: LAG Horní Pomoraví

This tour will invite you into small schools, where more children of different ages learn together in one class. They use modern methods to fully support potential in every child. The schools also cooperate with a native speaker who teaches English in a funny way and by that he increases language competences of the children. Next stop is in the family factory in Zábřeh, which produces high quality delicates from local products – mostly handmade. Next you will visit a school that uses polytechnic methods. Many parts of this school are reconstructed and filled with new machines for the vocational training. The school also uses modern methods of education – children deal with tasks of different levels, compile Lego-robots or RC models, which they must bring to live. Last stop will be in a recreational area with many free time activities for your fun.


You can look forward to:

  • Tasting homemade pate, great lunch
  • Visit in the schools
  • Sport activities in climbing (rope) center
  • Thematic workshop

Departure from hotel: 8 a. m.
Arrival at hotel: 5 p. m.