LINC 2020Study tour 3
Business in the countryside and successful regional companies

Organization: LAG Horní Pomoraví

Welcome in our region! You will visit the Czech manufacturer of scooters and learn, how it is being made. Moreover, you will try to ride those scooters. This manufacturer is one of the biggest employers in our not so economically rich region. Next stop is in a company with bio quality food production. It’s the first and the biggest producer of bio foodstuffs in the Czech Republic. They focus on traditional crops treatment. You will discover the whole process of the production and in the end you can taste and buy their products. Last stop is a historical village with a castle. There is a small brewery, which brews many different kinds of beer and you will have the chance to taste all of them. They also have a regional sweets production and a farm with original cheese.


You can look forward to:

  • Tasting local beer/sweets/cheese and great lunch
  • Riding on scooters
  • Visit on farm with bio foodstuffs
  • Thematic workshop


Departure from hotel: 8:00 a. m.
Arrival at hotel: 4:45 p. m.