Program of LINC Conference 2020


Tuesday, 15th SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Accomodation in Dlouhé Stráně hotel, Loučná nad Desnou;
  • Public transport to Šumperk
  • Opening ceremony in Šumperk;
  • Diner at the cultural centre in Rapotín;


Šumperk is the biggest town and the traditional centre of the region, called „A Gate to the Jeseníky Mountains“

Rapotín is a village of more than 3 200 inhabitants. There is a nice cultural centre. It’s also a place, where the main building of the bundle school of the Desná Valley is situated. The bundle school is a unique connection of 3 kindergartens and 3 primary schools under the head of one director, whose seat is in Rapotín.

Loučná nad Desnou is a mountain village in the north of the LAG’s region. It has a popular sports resort, heavily attended mainly for winter sports and trekking. There is also a unique technical sight – a hydroelectric power plant.


Wednesday, 16th SEPTEMBER 2020

Contact corner, partnership

Study tours:

For 2020 LINC Conference in the Czech Republic we’ve decided to put focus on multifund CLLD, education and support of local production, cultural heritage and tourism. The presentations and discussion in six workshops will be focused on „TELE“ – TASTING – EXPERIENCE – LEADER – EDUCATION:

18 – 22 Garden party in Dolní Studénky;


Thursday, 17th SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Sport acitivities in Loučná nad Desnou;
  • Lunch
  • Hydroelectric power plant and touristic activities;
  • Handmade paper mill Velké Losiny;
  • Closing ceremony, Handmade paper mill Velké Losiny

Hydroelectric power plant in Loučná nad Desnou is the most interesting place in the Czech Republic. The upper tank of the power plant is situated on top of the hill in the height of 1 353 m. The highest point of the Jeseníky Mountains is a mountain called Praděd (1 491 m), which can be seen also from the upper tank of the hydro power plant.

Velké Losiny – a spa village in the Šumperk region. There is a renaissance chateau and the oldest and still working handmade paper mill in central Europe.


Language of LINC conference is ENGLISH.